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    Friday, 11 December 2015

    How to Track People by there Cell Phones, and numbers #SureTweakTechSolutions

    Are you already Embracing Technology or are you stiff Afraid of the Growth Of Technology??

    In this age of technology and Modern Gadgets,  Locating People is no Longer a stuff of science fiction or Magic nor is it something that only Hackers , Police or Intelligence agencies can do

    There where so mny reason why we need to track people; these include
    • Whether to Know if your Loved once are safe
    • To keep Up with your Daughter or Teenage Kids intermarry
    • Use it to find Lost or stolen cell Phones
    • Or Just to find out where someone IS maybe if your girl friend is dating outside 
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    This Technology is not only helpful and reassuring for  worried Loved ones and or Spouse, but it cant even save lives.
    Whats More, The good thing is that anyone who is familiar with a computer and have access to the Internet can track people Using there cell Phones.

    with the aid of the Internet and Tracking Sites, ( Many which may even offer this service free)
    it is possible to know how to track people by there Cell Phones.
    You can do this without GPS or the Global Positioning Systems

    Here are the Easy Steps to Know In tracking People through There Cell Phones Numbers

    1.  Get the Persons Phone Number: Note that the key in tracking People Using there Phones is there cell Phone Number So make sure you have this when you start the Process  Tracking Them. You should also Know that is not the persons we are tracking, but there cell Phone numbers an thus we can only locate this people if they brought there cell Phone numbers with Them
    2. Find a Tracking Site on the Net: An there are several web sites that offer this service for free, while others may charge a token. Most importantly is that No matter how much they charge, is still better than buying GPS Chips to install Inside the persons cell phones to Tracker. some site
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    •  Reverse   Mobile
    • Phone Detective 
    • Cell Phone Registry.
    Some Sites Like
    • techpp.com  which will allow you Use This service free for a trail Period
    Once you have Choosen the site, it is time to start Tracking.

         3. Type In thee Mobile Number of the cell Phone you want to track
    Make sure you enter the Aria Code, You should at least have an Idea of the Approximate Location of the Phone you want to track so that the software can locate them Or you can Just try to use several Aria Code of  possible location

    4. Customize your search based on the available on the site you choose to use to track the phone number! An then Just wait for  the search result

    5. Pay the fee if It is required it is not More than $10 Dollars Others just Charge you for membership so you don't need to pay always
     Dont forget this is cheaper than buyinf GPS or tracking Systems.

    Most people think that is Just the High tech Geeks and Exclusive world of espionage that can track
    but No any body with Internet Access can do this

    WARNING: Illegal tracking of people could be a violation of Privacy which may attract heavy Punishment in your


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