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    Friday, 11 December 2015

    Blogger Has Just Introduced New Changes into its Layout Must read for Bloggers

    I woke up this morning to Log into blogger to find a lot of Settings changed. This affected my Google Adsense  Settings on my www.applygist.com account. I tried severally to fix the new setthings but it failed. i had to send Blogger a feed back on this.

    Blogger Has Just Introduced New Changes into its Layout Must read for Bloggers
    1. This new Sure working Adsense Tweaks looks like this
    This really gave Me a though time to make work.

    Adsense Users you can see that this is not how the Usual Adsense tabs appear this are just new Upgrades from Blogger for December 2015-2016

    2. Secondly you find
    Yes Another New Setting Introduced by Blogger is the Featured post which you cab see appears In between Adsense and </> HTML/JAVA Script.

    This has not been there Before.

     3. You could see the following on your HTML Board

    which states that
     "Editing  your Template so that HTTP may affect security and user experience of your blog when it is viewd over HTTPS"

    I an sure you know the difference between HTTP and HTTPS which are all Internet Protocols which affect how your web appears over the new and on Browsers.

    4. This is just a review Of what your featured Post will Look Like

    With the new Blogger upgrade and new features cropping IN, Bloggers Dont need to Panic just keep surveying Your Blog before Blogger messes everything. I have done my settings in my other blog running adsense and it is super fine

    Any Question on how to make your Changes on Blogger just hit the comment BOX we appreciate Comments

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