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    Friday, 4 December 2015


    Pc Users, here is the fastest way to make your PC run like an Athlete Works for Windows 10, 7 8, 8.1 and so on, IOS, 


    1.       Go to control panel (You can use you’re the search widows on your pc to locate where Control Panel is located)

    2.       Click on find and fix problem
    3.       The lets do what is called Troubleshooting so let’s trouble shoot all the following
                                     i.            Troubleshoot audio recording
                                   ii.            After the above, trouble shoot  audio playback
                                  iii.            Fix problem with windows updates
                                 iv.            Run maintenance  task ( this is very important as it will solve almost 70% of your pc problems using the troubleshooting  tools) please take note of what windows tells you
                                   v.            Finally improve power usage
    Note that doing the above is very important as it can help you know where to run to from here in fixing your computer slowness etc
    4.       Having done the trouble shoot, you can do more if you not satisfied. Now let’s clean Up your computer to clear off Junks, and rubbish making your computer slow
    5.       On your windows search (see how to go to windows search on windows 10 and others in number 1)
                                     i.            Type “Disk Cleanup”  after it cleans up another window will pup up automatically just relax as it is cleaning up
                                   ii.            Now click on clean up system files( this will do more cleaning as the first one only did some part)
                                  iii.            Now click Ok and click Delete All …… this tool will clean so much especially if you have never done the above. The one on this tutorial showed just less than 40mb junks yours may be in Gig or over 800MB Just don’t worry you don’t need all those junks
                                 iv.            This will not delete important files
    6.       Lets Clean Up more Dirt from your Computer go to the search on your computer( see how to go to search on number 1)
                                     i.            Type “ %temp%”
                                   ii.            A folder will open with many items just highlight all ( you can place cursor in this folder and click ctrl+A and all will highlight. Then click delete)
                                  iii.            If it ask you to skip a folder just skip it >>…. Important files will not be delited that’s why it will ask you to skip them so make sure you SKIP THEM

    After all the above clean Up, Shut Down your PC, and remove your Battery The press the power button for a long time for about 1 Minute, this is to drain out power in the computer this is a good Sure computer trick and Tweak to make your PC work Super Fast.
    Finally put your battery back and power on your Computer. I bet you you will give a testimony on our comment Box

    If this worked for you please testify to encourage others or if you have any challenge Let us know by commenting bellow

    We don’t know it all but if you do, write a better way to make a pc work fast bellow
    Enjoy SureTweaks

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