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    Monday, 7 December 2015

    Adobe Lightroom a free Android app for Photo editing .6 reasons to Download it free recomended


               Android Users grab the just release Adobe Lightroom for  Android Free.

    It just came to our Notice that the smart phone Giant Android platform has officially released what is called Lightroom now free. This was hitherto paid for before you could use it. This is now free for you to use on your mobile phone. This is coming few months after IOS version also was released free. To this regards, it does not matter any longer which platform you use, you can now use Lightroom for free. With this free app, you can do stuffs like
    ·        Synchronize files to your desktop or Adobe’s own cloud
    ·        Synchronize to Creative Cloud
    ·        Edit Pictures just as if you where using Adobe editing apps
    The Lighroom is used by Photographers especially for editing photos which is done with Adobe apps can now be done with Lighroom , websites now simply use this tools to edit pictures so easily even some of our partners here on Suretweaks Tech Solutions. So Lighroom is a good App that even if you take horrible pictures, it will transform it to something wooow like our www.suretweaks.blogspot.com You have the chance to
    ·        Change up white balance,
    ·        darken the blacks, remove shadows etc
    Photo Editing using a smart phone like a PC/Windows, is an incredible new adventure for all Lighroom users. Adobe few days ago brought Premiere Clips to Android that allows Android users and Suretweakers   edit Videos from their smart phone or tablets. While this may not bring all the features fund in Premiere Pro which is on OS X and Windows, it does bring a number of unique tools to mobile (If you need Adobe Premiere Pro for PC FREE AND LICENSED JUST INDICATE ON THE COMMENT BOX OR ON THE CONTACT US FORM SureTweaks.blogspot.com will respond to you ASAP)
    Now that Lighroom Photo editing software for mobile users is free, Ado uses this as a strategy to bring more users to pay for Creative Cloud which is not free and this serve as there source of income.
    You can download Adobe Lightroom now from the Google Play Store and start editing pictures to your hearts content. While there are many other great photo editing apps out there, like Snapseed, We strongly recommend Adobe Lightroom for all www.suretweaks.blogspot.com users 


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