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    Tuesday, 15 December 2015

    8 steps on How to restore my IMEI?! Android Users, Galaxy S5, S4 Kitkat 4.4.2 Tmobile (SGH-M919)

    I Need help in  restore my IMEI?! Good question

    If you don't have a specific IMEI
    backup then there isn't too much you
    can do. but read this proceedures they may help out.

    The only thing that may work is to
    factory reset and wipe your entire
    phone then flash your latest official
    firmware through Odin.
    got the latest firmware from

    If your model is not available now.  download it

    Galaxy S4 (SGH-M919) T-Mobile
    Kitkat 4.4.2

    I have used this to write IMEI back
    to phone on S3 using QPST.

    I've used it to restore Null IMEI on a
    S3 .made backup with it on my S5
    Active. Download and run software
    on pc. EFS portion uses ADB to create
    backup on rooted phones. Qualcomm
    portion also to make backup or

    Download it here >>> http://forum.xda-developers.com/

    Steps on Rooting your IME Android
    1. First, pull battery and write down
    complete IMEI number.
    2. Go ahead and pull sim card, might be OK but
    do it to be on safe side.
    3. Boot phone then you need to put  a USB cable in diagnostic mode. On dialer on your  keypad, type in *#0808#. This should
    take you to USB settings hidden
    4. Write down what your
    settings are. Under USB settings MTP
    +ADB should be checked. You need to
    select RMNET+DM+MODEM then
    select OK. Should return you to
    5. Next launch EFS Pro and select
    Qualcomm NV Tools and connect
    phone to pc. Hopefully you already
    have your USB drivers installed
    Up top at available Com Ports,
    6. click refresh till a Samsung mobile USB
    serial port with a com number shows
    up then select it.
    7. Click on connect
    and it should ping your phone and
    show info.

    NOTE : you can leave SD card in I have left sd card mounted but you
    can remove it if you want.
    8. To select RMNET+DM+MODEM just tap the
    circle next to it then tap ok

     Possible Problems and solutions 

    the part where I needed to
    connect to my phone didn't work. There's an error that says, "Unable
    to send SPC to phone". Any ideas??

    I tried using another USB port and
    chose it from the dropdown menu in
    the program and now, it says,
    "Connection lost" and right behind it
    I can see "Unable to send SPC to
    Did a proper com port show up in
    available?? . On my S5 ative it Shows  com15.
    The SPC is a kinda hand shake that
    confirms everything OK. I had one S5
    example you  terminal and complete wiped the EFS and you get screwed. It would not connect
    to anything afterward.

    Try different cable and USB on pc.
    You have to be able to get SPC for program to work.
    Check phone USB menu again for
    changed setting. Got to be RMNET+ DM

    Diagnostic com port should be a two
    digit number. Seen it as high as 26. Mine
    is 15. Looks like all drivers not installed.
    Yellow triangle. I think I got all my
    drivers with Kies but can't remember,
    I'm old.

      problem other  face
     I flashed my phone back to stock
    without backup lost imei number no
    network or data connectivity...I can't
    even get into USB hidden mode ;_;
    My model : Micromax A092

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